An Aerial Tool Bin Takes Tools To A New Height

About Aerial Tool Bin

About Aerial Tool Bin

The Aerial Tool Bin was inspired out of necessity by a 34 year construction expert. He witnessed many injuries through his career in the construction industry. Back injuries were among the most prevalent, many of which were incurred while working on aerial access equipment.



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The NEW Ladder Tool Bin | Part # LTB-1317

The NEW Ladder Tool Bin | Part # LTB-1317

All About the Ladder Tool Bin, another  “Job Site Safety Product” or  “Home Project Safety Product” everyone has been waiting for!

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  • The Tool Bin Man

By Now you’ve got a pretty good idea who the Tool Bin Man is. He’s famous for the Aerial Tool Bin and his newest product the Ladder Tool Bin; used by a wide range of workers form the construction site to the handy homeowner!

Hey Steve, “The Tool Bin Man”


Just following up on our conversation we just had regarding your Aerial Tool Bin. I have already used the product on one job and are grabbing those to show to multiple companies on a project in Philadelphia. As I told you I will be presenting this as a best practice method for lift organization and reduction of hazards. If you could provide me all the documentation you have tabulated on your design I would greatly appreciate it so I can potentially influence our other divisions to try out your product. It was nice having a conversation with you and once again your product in my opinion is great! Keep inventing my friend to help us in the field.



East Region Safety Manager

A Division of Southland Industries

22340 Dresden Street, Suite 177

Dulles, VA 20166


A Valued Customer