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The Ladder Tool Bin  was another classic “born out of necessity product”.  The Inventor; was tired of always having come down off his step ladder to pick the next tool needed from a bucket on the floor or taking a chance that his paint can would be knocked over while painting. This is how the Ladder Tool Bin came about. [Product Flyer]

You’ll never eliminate the need to chase for another tool while working on a step ladder, the inventor states; but when you do you’ll have a place to corral them when needed for those repeated tasks.

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           The Ladder Tool Bin set up and ready to go!


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The Aerial Tool Bin tool organizer can be purchased through any number of distributors such as W.W. Grainger Inc,  Rack-A-Tiers, Acme Tools, Total Source,  Connexion, Acme Construction Supply, Bird  Ladder and Equipment Co., Inc.,  Global Industrial, , Some Fastenal Branch Stores, Gantic AS in Norway, Technique Solutions in Australia, IAPS Group in the UK, as well as several other smaller parts houses.

Reach out to your favorite parts house and inquire!


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