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Retail Sales Announcement

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To our valued wholesale customers, We are happy to announce that we will no longer be participating in retail sales of the Aerial Tool Bin. Effective November 15th of 2016 we removed our ADD TO CART button from our web site and will concentrate 100% on helping and promoting our wholesalers. We launched our blog page early October and we encourage you to send us any content worth blogging about to help us introduce our wholesalers. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if there is anything we can do to help promote sales and let us know how the Aerial Tool Bin Product Display Stand is working out or if you need any more...

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The Aerial Tool Bin Product Display Stand will help showcase a popular new Job Site Safety Product

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When you have a product that no-one has ever seen you need to show case it with style and our new display stand certainly does that..! With the help of a local a cardboard manufacturing company, West Rock  in Germantown, Wisconsin we were able to develop a sales man in our back pocket.  We feel the Display stand tells a nice story without saying a word and with a product many have never seen before we needed the help. Let us know what you think…! Yea or Nay..? The link below will direct you to our display stand assembly photo reel. We offer this display stand to all of our wholesalers who could use a salesman in their back pocket…! the-aerial-tool-bin-display-stand-assembly-photo-reel_page-1-2-3_doc     To place your order for the new product display stand please call...

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Lift and Access Magazine Ad – Winter 2016/2017

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Aerial Tool Bin’s latest Ad in Lift and Access Magazine Winter 2016/2017. Look for this magazine ad to show up in the 2016 Lift and Access Equipment Guid. ***Special Bonus Distribution at ConExpo*** March 7th – 11th, 2017 Las Vegas Convention Center Bonus Distribution GOLD LOT BOOTH...

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Things you should avoid doing on Aerial Access Equipment

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Reasons to bring the Aerial Tool Bin into your arsenal of tools and safety equipment..! Please people you can’t be serious..!       The Aerial Tool Bin will allow workers to avoid scenarios like the ones above and will create a more efficient worker in the process…! Interested in a one on one conversation about safety or if you have a product idea and want to take it to market and need some coaching please give me a call at 262-825-6784   Our Slogan ” Take Your Tools to a NEW...

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Ways To Lower Your Workers Compensation Rates

Ways To Lower Your Workers Compensation Rates

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Experiencing back issues while working on Aerial Access Equipment and its affecting your companys insurance premiums, ask your employer to look into the Aerial Tool Bin to minimize bending over all day long..!                             Also – Follow these 21 steps to help lower your insurance premiums.   ’21 Ways To Lower Your Workers Compensation Rates’ At first some of these methods may seem simple but as with anything worth doing, the power is putting them into action! Not Sure What the Term Mod Rate Means? Let’s get started… Method #1. Choose an Appropriate and Qualified Broker. One of the most important decisions a company makes in reducing their workers’ compensation insurance is selecting their insurance broker. Select a broker who will partner with you and is appropriate for your organization size. Make sure they have access to the insurance markets that target your specific industry. Don’t assume they have access to all markets, because they don’t. Choose someone who emphasizes about risk management and prevention. (The least expensive claim is the one that never happens!) Method #2. Environmental hazards Conduct regular reviews of the work site, machinery, work facilities and desktop workstations. Encourage workers to report anything that looks broken or unsafe. Modify operating procedures that unnecessarily expose workers to injury. Identify and correct hazards such as unsafe machinery, dim lighting or poor air quality. Make sure that the company’s facilities are regularly maintained and that repairs are performed efficiently. Method #3. Assign someone in your company to manage your workers’ compensation claims. This person should have some familiarity with workers’ compensation and safety, because the two go hand-in-hand. Check in with employees to make sure that they’re receiving the care that they need. Help workers get access to care providers, and set up programs to help them recover. Foster a culture of care in your work force so that colleagues will help each other heal from injuries. Check in with employees who have been injured previously to make sure that they are not experiencing recurring pain or injuries; this can help prevent future claims. Method #4. Use good hiring practices. Always check a job candidate’s background...

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Product Video and how it originated

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Generic Product Video We are very proud of this Video. The original version of this video was a five minute video produced for the Video Submission Round of the “Shark Tank”.  We captured the highlights form that video minus the shark related footage to create this video. The Aerial Tool Bin was accepted to the video submission round of the Shark Tank on Monday July 18th 2014. With less than one week we had to draft up a script, find someone to film the video, practice and shoot the five minute video, render the video, fill out a 70 page contract / questionair and send it all out by Saturday Morning…. The end result was a nice product video since the Shark Tank Casting Crew never called us back to the final round….! We did however give the Shark Tank Casting Crew a sample of our product the Aerial Tool Bin since they were always on aerial access equipment to film many of their shots. They loved the gift and thanked me several times. To view the submission video in its entrirty click on SHARK TANK....

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