An Aerial Tool Bin Takes Tools To A New Height

The Tool Bin Man


By Now you’ve got a pretty good idea who the Tool Bin Man is. He’s famous for the Aerial Tool Bin and his newest product the Ladder Tool Bin; used by a wide range of workers form the construction site to the handy homeowner…!



The Tool Bin Man above a 34 year construction veteran...!

The Tool Bin Man above a 34 year construction veteran…! Shown on a boom lift at a job site.



The Shark Tank experience.

The Shark Tank experience. We were invited to the video submission round of the shark tank in 2016


The Tool Bin Man is out to help as many workers as he can by providing the following products; The Aerial Tool Bin and the Ladder Tool Bin.


The Aerial Tool Bin created in 2009 and sold today world wide.


The Tool Bin Man just wanted to refresh your memory on the old way of doing things.


This was early on in the development stage of the Aerial Tool Bin; a hand made PVC welded version that led to the plastic version sold worldwide today.



Bin used with a secondary pinch bar Pic-1

Bin used with a secondary pinch bar Pic-2


The Ladder Tool Bin by the Tool Bin man.

Ladder Tool Bin

The perfect addition to your construction, maintenance and home projects.

The absolute best addition for Homeowners  | Carpenters | Plumbers | Electricians | Auto Mechanics | Painters | Detailers | Artists and more….!



This view will give you a better idea of how handy this tool organizer can be.



Here is the Ladder Tool Bin on a 3′,4′,6′ step ladder.

To Invite the Tool Bin Man to your town or event please contact him at 262-825-6784