An Aerial Tool Bin Takes Tools To A New Height

About Aerial Tool Bin

All About Aerial Tool Bin a Job Site Safety Product that everyone has been waiting for.


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The Aerial Tool Bin was inspired out of necessity by a 36 year construction expert. He witnessed many injuries through his career in the construction industry. Back injuries were among the most prevalent, many of which were incurred while working on aerial access equipment. The injuries became increasingly aggravated when OSHA rules required safety harnesses to be worn when working on most aerial lifts. The safety harness constricted bending movement and caused a conflict with tool belts; another reason to find a way to minimize bending and relieve workers of cumbersome tool belts.  The Aerial Tool Bin allows you to “take your tools to a new height” while allowing maximum working space inside the lift, it also provides ample room to hold and organize enough tools at waist height for the task at hand.  No more bending or reaching into a bucket full of disorganized tools.





Aerial Tool Bin With Tools





The Design

The triangular shaped Aerial Tool Bin is made out of reinforced, high-density, non–conductive, UV protected, light-weight, durable, orange polypropylene plastic and can withstand temperature changes from -20° up to 120°.
The Aerial Tool Bin attaches to square or rounded 90 corners of scissor lifts, boom lifts, and aerial lifts and is secured to railings with two locking bolts.  It is equipped with partition walls, weep slots, a metal bar to secure your tool belt and it even has its own built-in handle for convenient carrying. See VIDEO

Since 2010

The Aerial Tool Bin has reached world-wide construction workers who work on aerial platform lifts, scissors lifts and boom lifts.


The Aerial Tool Bin Features

  • Made with reinforced, high density, non–conductive, UV protected, light -weight durable    orange polypropylene plastic; nearly as strong as steel
  • Attaches to square or rounded 90 degree corners and is secured to railings with two locking bolts
  • Provides maximum working area, with the triangular shape nicely tucked into a 90° corner, leaving  platform floors free from clutter
  • Includes three compartments with removable partition walls, partitions recess into four weep slots for drainage and give extra stability to the partitions
  • Features a special metal bar to safely secure a tool belt to the front of the bin
  • Includes multi-positional  magnetic parts tray which attaches to the metal strips along the top of the bin (included for a limited time while supplies last) THE MAGNETIC PARTS TRAY IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE AS OF 1/01/2022…! 
  • Designed with a built-in handle for convenient carrying
  • Withstands temperature changes from -20° up to 120°
  • See VIDEO


From the inventor

I feel my products will have a positive impact on the industry by helping people work more efficiently while at the same time preserving their health.  Overall it will make for a safer, healthier working environment on the job or around the home.


Mission statement

DeMore’s Innovative Designs’ goal is to help as many workers in the construction, utility and maintenance industries to improve on accident prevention, job efficiency, and body related stress; while helping employers meet overall project and financial goals.

Our slogan ~By the Tool Bin Man®~

                    “Take your tools to a new height” The Tool Bin Man…!

Quote from ~Plato~

                    “Necessity is the Mother of Invention” Plato…!