An Aerial Tool Bin Takes Tools To A New Height


FAQ – You have questions, we have answers for our Aerial Tool Bin Tool Tray and our latest Ladder Tool Bin…!

Q: Who can I contact with questions about the Aerial Tool Bin & the Ladder Tool Bin…?

A: Write to us with your ideas, feedback, or questions at: | 262-825-6784


Q: Do your products come with a Warranty…?

A: The Aerial Tool Bin comes with a One Year Limited Warranty against manufacturer’s defects. SEE (ATB) INSERT CARD-1  SEE (LTB) INSERT CARD-2


Q: Why is the Aerial Tool Bin made of orange plastic…?

A: Orange polypropylene is used for its safety, weight, cost, and durability. And it’s non-conductive.


Q: Do you have a similar version of Aerial Tool Bin for use outside the platform used in the electrical, TV and Tela-communication industry…?

A: Our exterior-mounted Tool Bin now known as the Bucket Truck Tool Bin PART#BTTB-1312 Tool Tray used on bucket trucks for the high tension electrical industry and the TV/ telephone communication industry is being developed and will be out soon. Please contact us for more information. GO TO THE COMING SOON TAB TO SEE THE PATENTED PROTOTYPE. or the highlighted unique parts dish feature up close,


Q: Are there any other uses for the Aerial Tool Bin…?

A: The Aerial Tool Bin tool tray was originally designed for use on Aerial Platforms, Scissors lifts, and boom lifts. It also can be used on maintenance golf carts, catwalk railing systems, Mast climbers and scaffolding systems; where a safety railing system is in place, and wherever there’s a 90 degree corner. SEE PICTURE


Q: Can the Aerial Tool Bin work with aerial access equipment that has a secondary pinch bar within the platform…?

A: Yes. The Aerial Tool Bin was designed with a special notch to allow the bin to angle down and rest on most secondary pinch bar railings within the interior of the platform. The secondary safety pinch bar is new on many boom lifts around the industry. SEE PICTURE-1 | SEE PICTURE-2  | SEE PICTURE-3

Q: Are there any new products offered by DeMore’s Innovative Design, Inc…?

A: Yes; we launch the new Ladder Tool Bin early in May, 2018 and we plan to launch the Bucket Truck Tool Bin in 2020, please clink on the link to see a preview. Ladder Tool Bin FLYER | LADDER TOOL BIN INSERT CARDBucket Truck Tool Bin FLYER


Q: How many uses have you discovered for the Ladder Tool Bin PART#LTB-1317…?

A: The Ladder Tool Bin can be used by: Homeowners | Carpenters | Plumbers | Electricians | Painters | Auto Mechanics | Detailers | Artists | and more…! From the Inventor: ” My personal favorite and used quite often is on a 3′ or 4′ step ladder when working on my car;  one of the less obvious uses; is when working on lawn care equipment or your snow blower; for those in the northern parts of the country”…!

For Questions or Comments please contact us at: | 262-825-6784

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