"Take your tools to a new height"

Ladder Tool Bin Specs

About The Ladder Tool Bin

A Job Site & Home Project Safety product 


The Ladder Tool Bin is made of reinforced, non-conductive, UV protected, light-weight, durable, orange polypropylene plastic. Making it a perfect addition to your construction site and home inprovement tools.


The Ladder Tool Bin was designed to be used on:

3′-4′-6′-8′-10′ step ladders and up…!

{ We recommend using the buddy system when setting the Ladder Tool Bin on ladders 10′ and up…! }



The Ladder Tool Bin above; is shown on a 3′, 4′ and 6′ step ladder…!


This view will give you a real nice idea on how handy the Ladder Tool Bin can be…!




Ladder Tool Bin shown with a plastic paint can designed to stay put and fits snug enough that you cannot knock it over…! Metal cans will not fit as snug as they are a slightly smaller diameter… Attn…! Save your old plastic paint cans and use them over and over again, for Paint, Screws, and Miscellaneous Supplies…!



The Ladder Tool Bin comes in a perfect sized white box, one 9” safety bolt, one nylon wing nut and the Warranty / Instructions card as shown above…!

 Product flyer /Approved proof 04:11:2018

Warranty Card…!

Warning Label…!

Pallet Configuration…!