An Aerial Tool Bin Takes Tools To A New Height

Ladder Tool Bin Specs

About The Ladder Tool Bin

A Job Site & Home Project Safety product…

A Great Janitorial Assistant…

Used by:

Painters | Artists |

Electricians | Carpenters |

Plumbers | Auto Mechanics |

And More…!


Ladders, Tools and Accessories not included!

Also Available at ZORO TOOLS and ACME TOOLS

In the Milwaukee Wi area: At Jensen Equipment | Neu’s Hardware | Elliott Ace Hardware | Bird Ladder

Having trouble; call the Tool Bin Man Direct at 262-825-6784


The Ladder Tool Bin is made of reinforced, non-conductive, UV protected, light-weight, durable, orange polypropylene plastic. Making it a perfect addition to your construction site and home inprovement tools.

The Ladder Tool Bin was designed to be used on:

3′-4′-6′-8′-10′ step ladders and up.

We recommend using the buddy system when setting the Ladder Tool Bin on ladders 10′ and up…!  or  See the recommended position below

The Ladder Tool Bin comes in a perfect sized white box, one 9” safety bolt, one nylon wing nut and the Warranty / Instructions card as shown above.


                   Attention! Recommendation for taller ladders.

This is the recommended Ladder Tool Bin installation position for step ladders 10′ feet and up!



This is the recommended Ladder Tool Bin installation position for step ladders 10′ feet and up!



Used on 3′-4′-6′ step ladder and UP.

The Ladder Tool Bin above; is shown on a 3′, 4′ and 6′ step ladder.




This view will give you a real nice idea on how handy the Ladder Tool Bin can be…! Shown on a 4′ step ladder.



The absolute best addition for professional painters as well as the ocasional home improvement painters! Ladder Tool Bin shown with a plastic paint can designed to stay put and fits snug enough that you cannot knock it over! Metal cans will not fit as snug as they are a slightly smaller diameter. Attn! Save your old plastic paint cans and use them over and over again, for Paint, Solvents, Screws, and Miscellaneous Supplies!


 Product flyer /Approved proof 04:11:2018

Warranty Card.

Warning Label.

Pallet Configuration.







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