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The Aerial Tool Bin was accepted to the video submission round of the “Shark Tank”

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If I had a dollar every time I heard “You should go on the SHARK TANK” With the The Aerial Tool Bin..!   Well on Monday July 18th 2014 I played everyones bluff and set up my lawn chair at 3;30 AM. We were over looking beautiful Lake Michigan at the performing arts center ( Calatrava) where the Shark Tank casting crew held an open call session to pick a few potential candidates for the next season of the Shark Tank. By 9:00 AM I was heading into the Calatrava where the pre sharks were set up to interview the candidates. I was number 47 in line with about 350 potential candidate.   Once inside I sat down for about five minutes when I was asked to be bumped ahead of the other 40 or so still in front of me so the casting crew could film me heading into see the pre sharks. I almost I had a sense that I was going to be added to the next round, the excitement was building up.   Throughout the course of the day I was interviewed several times, asked to come back later in the afternoon for a camera interview. Once again that sense came over me that I  might make it to the next round.   I was sitting down having dinner later that evening when I  got the email that I was accepted to the video submission round of the Shark Tank.   After the excitement dust settled the work began.  We had less than one week to prepare a 70 page contract, develop a script for the 5 minute video, shoot the video, render it, ship out the video along with the 70 pages of valuable information about our company.  Everything had to be in the hands of the Shark Tank Casting crew by the the following Monday..   Unfortunately the Shark Tank Casting Crew never called to invite us to the next round. I did however enjoy the whole process and all was not lost because I developed our new product video with some of the footage attained from the submission video.   Maybe next time…!   See our product video along with the original Shark Tank Submission video. Product Video  (2 minute video) Submission video, (5 minute video)  ...

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