An Aerial Tool Bin Takes Tools To A New Height

Product Video and how it originated

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Generic Product Video

We are very proud of this Video. The original version of this video was a five minute video produced for the Video Submission Round of the “Shark Tank”.  We captured the highlights form that video minus the shark related footage to create this video. The Aerial Tool Bin was accepted to the video submission round of the Shark Tank on Monday July 18th 2014. With less than one week we had to draft up a script, find someone to film the video, practice and shoot the five minute video, render the video, fill out a 70 page contract / questionair and send it all out by Saturday Morning….

The end result was a nice product video since the Shark Tank Casting Crew never called us back to the final round….!

We did however give the Shark Tank Casting Crew a sample of our product the Aerial Tool Bin since they were always on aerial access equipment to film many of their shots. They loved the gift and thanked me several times.

To view the submission video in its entrirty click on SHARK TANK.


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